Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Leaves a World Behind.

When I was at Witty's Lagoon with the fire and the dog, we were sitting hunched in this little nook created by tree roots and erosion, trying to warm ourselves around the fire. Marketa commented on how humans used to live. Keeping the fire going all day and waiting for the return of the men after the hunt. I groaned and said something like "that would have sucked." and she said that it was better than before we had fire. Eating raw meat all the time, for every meal. Being cold and scurvied. I guess we have come a long way to carpet and central heating.
Sabo drank a bottle and a half of wine last night and has spent the day watching all 17 hours or so of My Fair Lady on VHS. I drank 2 beers and was only slightly less drunk, shows what giving blood does to a person. Someone's boyfriend kept touching my arm, my back, my ribcage. Saying things like "We gingers have to stick together." while I replied with things like, "the thing about gingers dating is that everyone always thinks they are related." Which is true. No way am I dating someone who looks like my Kissing Cousin, especially if he is shorter than me and someone else's boyfriend. Especially if he makes me touch his facial hair.
Despite popular belief theatre parties are not fun. Everyone is relatively antisocial and just wants to yell things and take showers with no one noticing.
So right now I am overdue typing up a paper about plants in the artwork of Leonardo da Vinci. Back when the artists were the scientists. If you type" Leda and the Swan" into google images you come up with some prettynasty sex. This is the one that I am talking about though.  

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