Friday, November 30, 2012

Got to Fall Down, Its Friday

Did my final review for photo today. Which means I put some pictures up and people sat in a semi-circle and discussed them. People were surprisingly oozy about them. By which I mean the girl who is usually mean was only slightly critical. And plus my instructor kept unconsciously calling them "beautiful." I say unconsciously because she speaks in this stream of conscious way that basically outlines every minor thought that passes through her head, even if it doesn't make sense. Or maybe its that she speaks without really thinking. She's an artist see? She was saying that she tried to do a history class once in college but failed miserably because she cannot write a paper. Kind of person you want teaching a class.

 We've got all these Van Gogh themed paintings in our house at the moment. Art projects.

I was supposed to go to quiz nite tonight at the Fort,but its cancelled so I might end up helping Zoe dissuade her friend from seducing this terrible girl with emotional and intelligence issues. I hope this does not involve whoring myself out. Because I am not feeling particularly sexy right now, let me tell you.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bought some deodorant. Patrons of the library, rejoice.


I don't know where to begin. It felt like I had a ton of stuff to write about, but it has now all flown out of the window. This is a photographer/artist/hard to define named Michael Mapes, who takes pictures and arranges them on pins, in test tubes, on shards of glass, etc. And they all seem to come out as they should be.
Life has moved from a frantic rush to a full stop. I spent yesterday and most of the night composing and citing a fairly complex essay paper, and now that I have two more to write my brain is not cooperating. It does not want me to get up early in the morning. It does not want me to research or write. It wants to sleep and listen to music and think about sex and food and good books and write blog posts.

I crashed on FM's couch last, and stole some of her hot chocolate this morning. Mr. BM also stayed over and started throwing up this morning for some unknown reason. My opinion is that it may have been a combination of stress, lack of sleep, and lack of nutrition. I'm fairly worried about him, for a number of reasons.

There is a grumpy baby in the library. On an unrelated note, I had a dream last night that I threw a kitten down a flight of stairs. Don't worry, would never happen. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Sitting around drinking crap wine, waiting for the gesso to dry.
This is what the sky looked like when I was coming home from school today.
Pretty dramatic, right?
Lesson for today: If you can only spend 15 minutes outside in a day, make it the fifteen where the sun splits the sky open and the blue falls in.

Need more rain.

There's dampness in the air. Most likely to the massive amounts of water pouring from the sky. I woke up early to a cat coughing up a hair ball and have been up since. I've tried calling c-man kurosh early morning, but that didn't work. Tried calling him 15 minutes later again, and it didn't work again.

Maybe I should start calling you guys if I'm bored early early morning. You'd be waking up to my recognizable tones and I'd get the daily scoop. hoop, loop, droop.

Have you guys been keeping up with the gaza and israel extravaganza going on? Cyrus shared this live feed that was going on, where you could hear bombs going off in the distance. That was thursday night and it's still a super scary thing. I wonder how we would react to something like that. No one has that mindset on how to deal with it and I wonder how long it would keep up if it were on this side of the world. I'd like to say not long. But we're only humans. And unnecessary aggression is something that is from too common in many negative events.

That being said, I'm living the easy morning canadian life. I woke up early, ate yogurt and a bowl of cornflakes, attempted to make a christmas playlist and had no war like events at all.

Hope the same is going for you guys. - Shark

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wishinsky? Has to be a nom de plume.

Hey you guys. I'm procrastinating in the biggest way imaginable right now, term papers are coming out the ying-yang. Not in a literal sense, but close enough. I just carried a towering stack of books down from the third floor of the library, sat down at a computer beside a fellow examining complicated equations with the heading 'Bond Quotations'. He very obviously peered over at my subject matter.

Today I had the worst tutorial in awhile. It is not an exaggeration to say that everyone was stupid and said stupid things and had stupid thoughts; yours truly was not an exception. Fucked up big time on a few very basic facts. And then this guy in the corner asked what I thought 'the lowest point in Canadian history is' (the advent of residential schools was on the table). And I blurted out the Acadian expulsion, which is pretty odd, because it isn't a subject that I've really studied and it also happened pre-Confederation. The fellow who asked is in poli sci, has a huge mustache dark mustache although he is blond, and constantly refers to his girlfriend as 'the old lady'. Sexy (not).

Any thoughts on the subject?

Did some blog back reading as well. Glad to hear that things are going well, Chez. Laughed at the 'badass' comment about the token fighter who has entered our group, E. Hopefully we will be hanging out tomorrow before he heads out to Thailand. It is nice in a way; cool to spend time with an awesome fellow, but school+life is so busy that it's a good thing to be able to focus more exclusively on that for the next month or so.

I want a sandwich, but you and I are going out for dinner in a few hours, E. Hurry up, 6 o'clock.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

cave crickets.

Back on the homefront. I will lay down the highlights of the road trip here for you to see and read. Sarah Chezick we missed you dearly.
Let me just check on the soup.

So we stayed at Brett's parents' vacant house Friday night and Laura found this pin of Brett as a tyke in a box on the counter. It was promptly pinned to her sweater and remained there for the rest of the trip. Brett was significantly cuter and also blonde as a small child. At one point I was wearing it in the Dive Shop, talking to the mayor of Tahsis and she was like "Nice pin, is that your son?" Made me think if I ever have children I am going to have them immortalized on a lapel pin too. Because its hilarious.

Nothing all that eventful happened on the way up, except that they let me drive for the last hour of the trip. Which is highly irresponsible because a) I have not a shred of license to my name and b) it was one of the sketchiest roads I have ever been on. Funny that the only times I ever drive are on really terrible back-roads with hairpin turns out the yinyang. And we ate half-cooked pizza for dinner the night before so my stomach was creating little innard mutants and moaning about things.

Next day some of us went to the Remembrance Day Service and shivered in the slushy rain while some chubby cadet lisped out "Flanderds Fieldth." It was nice though, every one there clearly knew each other. The pastor of the Christian Church was wearing a fanny pack to hold up his sweat pants and kept wandering up to the MC to ask him questions and make comments.

That afternoon we all got head to toe covered in mud and snow up in the Upana caves. Laura's boy drove back down the mountain in the snow and we nearly crashed into the side of a cliff. Actually everyone in the car admitted afterwards that they had resigned themselves to it, that they were making plans for towing etc. Not that there is cell service up there. We survived though.

Made it home fine to play Egyptian Massacre and drink beers.  

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why not right.

I don't think moving to Detroit would be a good thing. Whenever I talk about the dream of moving to Detroit  everyone shuts me down and tells me that it's a stupid thing. There is no jobs there, there is a lot of frustrated  angry young people and a lot of poverty. The police department actually advised not to visit the city. On the plus side, there is amazing art deco and Victorian buildings/houses. Cyrus actually said he either saw a fight going on or there was a stabbing in the outlet mall he was at. But honestly, there is a certain appeal it.  And in my stomach and the vibes from my gut, still a plausible choice of living. Why not right.

EDIT* Cyrus said it was definitely a stabbing.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Detroit: It's Gonna Happen.

I may or may not be sitting at home drinking beer and crying with relief. I wish this was an exaggeration.

For some reason (and we can blame this on Society or some other deity) I care more about American politics than about Canadian. Maybe I should just saddle up and move to Detroit. I have spent the past 6 + months ignoring the news in fear, people. The extent of election coverage I paid attention to before tonight was the Borowitz report.

This parody sums up why there is a Little Red Book squished into my bookshelf. What the fuck is wrong with sharing, Mittens?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Was Alright

Just cleaned out my desk. It took all day. I was a little perturbed to uncover that 80% of the productivity crippling clutter was blank pieces of looseleaf.
Want to know something weird? I didn't know what "looseleaf" was until high school. The term I mean. I was aware that there were lined pieces of paper in the world but French Immersion had denied me the proper terminology.


Going to sneak into Cloud Atlas with Marketa in a bit. Real mature, right? Even more illegal activities with my boss.  Afterwards we will eat marinated raw fish and she will continue to pity me for being man-less (like Gunless, but different). Then we will talk about art and invariably become depressed. After a few bottles of sake I will walk home in the dark, lock myself in my room and break into the pre-stashed left over Halloween candy. Funny how the most inspiring conversations also usually make me want to hide under my bed. Robert Hughes would have known what I mean.