Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You sounded funny there.

Hey you. How's it going? I hope well. On my side of the island, it's been relatively busy up until this moment. Today I'm applying for a bakery clerk job and deciding to go to SOS to find some fine fitting jeans. Also I've been promising myself to seriously start cooking some iranian meals out of this cookbook I keep renewing from the library, but obviously it hasn't happened yet.

Yesterday, as you know- I was in Victoria. We went down for a workshop with this drop-dead amazing marimba lady, and we came out instantly feeling like better marimba players. It was interesting to have a marimba teacher and not just learn everything out of books. Here's what she looks like... http://www.shumbamarimba.org/director.html 

We ended up eating at delicado;s to bug this girl we knew and then headed up to ogden point. Elizabeth and I walked into the setting sun while the others went for a swim. Jeeze.

What else can I tell you... I was working in an office job for a little bit. Medhi called me onto it. I got to work and meet this very interesting and nice lady. Her name was Lynn and she called me her "Star of Morocco". The monies from that is going into a "Going to see Cyrus Fund". Wish me luck.

We also did this silly camping trip a little bit ago, there was caves, we camped on the side of a longing road and I got to meet some new people. Weird but promising concept.

That's about it for now. Take care and let's see each other soon.