Tuesday, November 13, 2012

cave crickets.

Back on the homefront. I will lay down the highlights of the road trip here for you to see and read. Sarah Chezick we missed you dearly.
Let me just check on the soup.

So we stayed at Brett's parents' vacant house Friday night and Laura found this pin of Brett as a tyke in a box on the counter. It was promptly pinned to her sweater and remained there for the rest of the trip. Brett was significantly cuter and also blonde as a small child. At one point I was wearing it in the Dive Shop, talking to the mayor of Tahsis and she was like "Nice pin, is that your son?" Made me think if I ever have children I am going to have them immortalized on a lapel pin too. Because its hilarious.

Nothing all that eventful happened on the way up, except that they let me drive for the last hour of the trip. Which is highly irresponsible because a) I have not a shred of license to my name and b) it was one of the sketchiest roads I have ever been on. Funny that the only times I ever drive are on really terrible back-roads with hairpin turns out the yinyang. And we ate half-cooked pizza for dinner the night before so my stomach was creating little innard mutants and moaning about things.

Next day some of us went to the Remembrance Day Service and shivered in the slushy rain while some chubby cadet lisped out "Flanderds Fieldth." It was nice though, every one there clearly knew each other. The pastor of the Christian Church was wearing a fanny pack to hold up his sweat pants and kept wandering up to the MC to ask him questions and make comments.

That afternoon we all got head to toe covered in mud and snow up in the Upana caves. Laura's boy drove back down the mountain in the snow and we nearly crashed into the side of a cliff. Actually everyone in the car admitted afterwards that they had resigned themselves to it, that they were making plans for towing etc. Not that there is cell service up there. We survived though.

Made it home fine to play Egyptian Massacre and drink beers.