Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm sorry in advance for not mailing any valentines

Hey girls,
I'm currently engulfed with an headache that just won't dissapear, the mountains are clearly visible  I've ate five pieces of bread, a steamed milk coffee and la. My birthday was filled with Ukrainian dolls, ice cream cake and half dozen ice cream cupcakes. I was craving birthday cake, but whatever. Next year!

Thursday tuned into friday, and I was called up for a girls night with Carmanagh,Natalie and Rebecca. It was hilarious, we built forts, played board games, and played this hilarious game where you take a huge gulp of a water, and everyone watches a hilarious video or listens to something funny and whoever just spits it out last, wins. In that process, I got spit on my head by two girls.

The night ended with a couple of us falling asleep in the fort, the rest found bed and that was it. Or so I thought!

Start around 3 in the morning, carmanagh was sick. It turned into eventually something serious and I later got shook awake from Natalie telling us we are going to the hospital. We rushed to the hospital, and we were there from 4-11 easily. While Carmanagh was getting checked up, we watched soccer and laughed our pants off waiting and waiting. It was Manchester united against some team that started with a "t". One of the players looked like a monkey and it wasn't the worst way to spent a morning. We got out to eat breakfast at a tim hortons and got to watch the sunrise downtown at the waterfront before Carmanagh needed to be back at the hospital for an ultra sound. This long story ended with Carmanagh being perfectly fine. Her and i then met up with her mother at the mall,still in our pjs and we watched the hobbit. There is a ton of fighting in the hobbit. But I guess little boys would go balls to the wall excited for it.

The book sounds interesting Emma. I'll try to look it up someplace. How did you guys spend "family day"? I painted faces up in Coombs then went for a little hike in little qualicum falls.

Hope you guys are happy healthy.