Wednesday, October 22, 2014

update from chezykins

Hey guys, haven't really connected in a really long time. I've been stressed as stressed can be (i did not know you could get your period twice in a month), and I've been resulting to sleep to deal with things. Tonight has been good night, I got a bounty of marimba work done (i've become their unofficial summer planner and I've got this impressive spreadsheet of festivals and contacts being created as I speak) and I'm trying to convince da rest of the girls of this website that host presskits vs me making one... It's prefab, and relatively simple in the design, but I like that it means that the presskit won't stay static and broken links can be fixed super fast).

That also being said, I got a new computer! It has a touchscreen netbook thingy... I'm impressed with it. It has this really neat app that lets me paint... I'll show you some examples maybe.  What else... the garden I help maddy with, with held our first workshop last week, and we had almost 20 people attend- isn't that a great turn out? Ems, Mr. Standing was there, and I thought that was very funny. He hasn't changed and of course him and Maddy talked like it hasnt been years. Me on the other hand, I was what you would expect from seeing a teacher 6 years after the fact- distant, but friendly. I'm sure I'll only get better with communicative skills with age ;)

What else... I still think we should get together eventually and talk about doing our "project". Brain storm you know? I see things all over the place right now, colour templates, ways I think it should be laid out and the general theme of the project. I don't know if this is a smart way of thinking, but it definitely has been bittersweet, on one hand- I get excited about the potential prospects of the project. The other hand, it's like I'm just setting up roadblocks for us. "oh man, we have so much to do".

That's it though.