Wednesday, March 30, 2016

See my baby loves to dance

You still in Victoria Sarah?
If so or next time you go:
-Government House gardens. From here you can walk through the neighbourhood and go to Moss Rock Hill or the Ross Bay Cemetery and the beach if you feel like being outside and around flowers
-Shatterbox coffee. Get a sweet there too (A+)

Feeling like I've undergone some huge life change after that hike. Also only craving huge carb-filled meals. I can't sleep beyond 7 am. I keep touching the parts of my collarbone that have the skin rubbed off by accident

Anyway needless to say the Juan de Fuca trail was pretty challenging as a 3 day ordeal but if someone asked me to do it again tomorrow, I would.

Have recently made friends with a group of frat boys that Sally and I do trivia with. Their not frat boys anymore and now I guess the only indication of a douchy past is their very nice watches. One of them's mother is the deputy director of the Coquitlam Library so that pretty ok.