Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Petition to Start Petitioning

Sorry if I'm being uber annoying with all this. I'm just excited I guess. Not only it's an idea, but I realized that the internet is full of ways spread it. SO me being in this "push-forward" state, I've been just pushing forward, trying to let people know about this idea. Something I think could make a difference and potentially improve the lives of Canadians. Plus, I'm under this assumption that the government is working for us, not the other way around. So if we feel like we have ideas, ways to make living around here a bit better, I think they should be brought up.

That being said, http://goo.gl/Yc14k here's the petition again. It's a pretty straight forward plan. I just want to government to create a webpage which would host open petitions with the promise of a personal reply. The United States is already doing it  https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/ and it's starting to do some good. It creates discussion and connects everyone for a common goal. I also think it's a notable act when politicians and the men/women in parliament come down from their high horses to discuss even the simplest of matters, and this just makes that easier. I'm just getting excited starting to think of things which could happen.

 For example, say the community of Oceanside (15k+) is having some sort of problem. Not enough tourist dollars to create something that would boast it skyward. Trails are degrading. We need a better water system (that's already in the talks; locals here in the community have a strong opinion about it). BUT ANYTHING. If a petition were to get 15 thousand signatures in a month, the deal would be the government would have to notice it, reply to it personally. And hopefully it would get the ball moving faster then it would before.

So hopefully the Canadian community takes notice of it. It's at 9 signatures already (more then I thought I would get.)

Hope you guys are having a good day!