Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'm lacking the noodles of being embarrassed.

So the day prior to yesterday, I sat on the computer- inspired to create something for myself. I decided to create a map, a rough solid walking route. I tried to make it as simple as possible, so I basically did a big loop, taking the afternoon and ending to be 25km. It was nice, except for some funny fact.

While walking up Cook St, some lady thankfully told me that there was a rip on the butt of the jeans.

My new favourite pair of jeans are now ruined, and it made me think of an incident that happened almost 6 years ago in Yellowknife, where I was walking to work and some lady pulled over to tell me the back of my skirt was pulled up into my tights.

I'm the worst at this guys, and to boot- it didn't phase me. I'm trying to convince myself that people don't really care who they see on the street and the individual relevance I might have on the general public in reality in close to zero.

I'll keep in touch, and tell ya guys if in 6 years another similar incident happens.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

dedicated to my sister's 22nd+springrolls

Woke up early today. I had this anxious feel- my recently reunited cat is on the rough rocks (probably will have to go back to the vet this week) and I was convinced I should start prepping for this family birthday lunch I was planning for Katelynn. So at 7 am, in my pjs and sipping a huge glass of morning water- I started rolling springrolls and dipping strawberries in chocolate.

It was technically vietnamese theme- but the desserts were not.

I'm pretty sure that springrolls are in my top 50 favourite foods. At least for the last couple years. The year before last- when i started learning html/css to make a mock website for kicks, I dedicated an entire page to it. I thought I was hilarious.


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

feeling squishy and relaxed in the sun


I'm in victoria right now just enjoying this heat right now. I have this extravagant plan tonight to make a salad that has cooked zucchini and pickled mushrooms in it- wish us invisible luck.

I wore the earrings you bought me for my birthday, this one earrings got stuck and i had to use pliers to get it out the next day- super dramatic.

Miss you guys and maybe see you at brett's cabin adventure?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Friday, April 15, 2016

Life Round Here

Cat's been extra cuddly lately. And today she was flipping around the grass in the garden like she was high. Found some catnip in the garden so that might be the source.

Planted so far: carrots, radishes, borage, nasturtium, sun flowers and a wild flower mix, lavender and mint. Trying to keep the bees happy. Plus I like the idea of edible flowers. Got some marigold seeds but I think it might be too late to start on those. Plan for next week is to get some mustard greens and lettuce and arugula in. Kale is already going from last year I think. I think I want to get some strawb starters too. Found a strawberry flower under the rosemary plant.
Anyway my green thumb is pulsing happily. I am definitely gardening instead of studying and applying for jobs, which may bite me in the ass. I have a list of 18 jobs that I need to get applications in for and so far have applied to three.
My roommate is moving away for the summer so we're looking for a sublet. If you know someone who doesn't mind not having a dryer and loves being covered in cat hair (and having fresh garden veg!) give me a shout. For some reason it's only been couples applying, which will be cheap as for moi but maybe cramped? A couple from Ireland came by today, pretty cute, both into books and writing which is nice. Maybe we'll be best friends by the end of the summer.
Finished a sock yesterday, started the pair today so maybe this will be a first. Stay tuned.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

i'm talking good problems

I came back saturday morning, after moving c-man into his apt. Third floor, and an alright view of the surroundings- I think I'm just a sucker for tall buildings. Maybe next time I'll try your recommendations- though recently i made it to finally trying discovery coffee to try their donuts and i wasn't too impressed (salted caramel had rosemary?.. I remember ages ago that you said that they had really earl grey ones.

Today we had our first marimba gig of the year- we used this cajon that carm built with her very own hands, and now I'm just slowly unravelling chocolate easter eggs (the small ones in foil) and listening to hypem.

Live it up girls.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

See my baby loves to dance

You still in Victoria Sarah?
If so or next time you go:
-Government House gardens. From here you can walk through the neighbourhood and go to Moss Rock Hill or the Ross Bay Cemetery and the beach if you feel like being outside and around flowers
-Shatterbox coffee. Get a sweet there too (A+)

Feeling like I've undergone some huge life change after that hike. Also only craving huge carb-filled meals. I can't sleep beyond 7 am. I keep touching the parts of my collarbone that have the skin rubbed off by accident

Anyway needless to say the Juan de Fuca trail was pretty challenging as a 3 day ordeal but if someone asked me to do it again tomorrow, I would.

Have recently made friends with a group of frat boys that Sally and I do trivia with. Their not frat boys anymore and now I guess the only indication of a douchy past is their very nice watches. One of them's mother is the deputy director of the Coquitlam Library so that pretty ok.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

hanging out, unsure of what i am exactly doing today.

Hey guys, hope your exciting hiking trip goes as planned.

Bad news, my favourite cat- Snickerdoodles is lost in the wilderness. I'm on a computer right now, creating an abstract but eye catching poster to put up around the neighbourhood. Hopefully she's just kicking it, being a little shit head, and making my little heart worry for nothing.

I'm unsure of what my daily steps are going to be, I might just take a really long walk into town or opposite- I'm actually in Victoria- staying cute and forever unsure. Any tips of where to go or what to do, and hopefully it happens in the next hours- text me up girls!

Few days ago, I finally taught myself how to crochet- I've been making buckets of dishtowels ( if you happen to see me before this trends stops, you might be able to get one ;). I think the fact that I started to crochet really created the situation of me chatting with a lady with no name, at the ferry terminal a few days ago- we talked for almost 45 minutes about knitting, crochet and world events- all because i chose to teach myself a relatively small skill. Here's to you lady-who-was-picking-up-her-two-grandchildren-but-the-ferry-was-45-minutes-late.

Take care, and be safe!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hi LV,

Just got letter, here's a quick run down of the answers to the questions you asked, although you'll see for yourself next week! Plus thanks for the pin I guess I'll have to put it on my lapel.

1. L-I-C-E-N-S-E
2.  No I do not carry around a yoga mat and sip lattes and go to pipeline protests- that sounds more like Victoria folk tbh. I'm still lactose intolerant and broke, so.
3. Jewy is paying me about the same amount of attention, although last night she did wake me up at 1:37 am to be let outside.
4. Reading list= Missoula by John Krakauer, which is frankly freaky and heart breaking. And I finished the Curious Case of Benjamin Button this morning, which was nothing like the movie (like his wife died alone in Italy cause he got bored of her when she was older and he was younger). It's really a short story but they bound and republished this version separately after the movie came out.
5. My practicum was part time during school, at the school library so it was manageable. Made some cool temporary friends and also got a good performance review, although I don't know what I could possibly have done to get a negative one, other than maybe publicly speaking about the things they asked me not to mention to anyone (Don't ask me! I already forget what they are!)

As far as amassing the hike group, basically we had 7 definite yeses after the glory that was Nootka last year, and then a couple people invited their other friends and relatives, and you and Fran finally stepped up.
Please do not count on even one day of sunshine, not sure where you are getting your data. I've heard the last day is the muddiest but maybe that's for the best.

Anyway thanks for the news and the advice and the cool card. See you soon!

Monday, March 14, 2016


Baller, this was us yesterday. Our French friend Pierre, an award winning photojournalist ("The awards are on their way," he says) took it with his fancy-pants camera.

We had a pretty lovely weekend out here in the woods. A cabin-warming party was thrown, and a fire was lit under the gigantic tripod built next to the house. Everyone contributed something sweet, and we all peered intently at the sky and tried to figure out if we could see faint northern lights or just moonlight (it was the moon). Small puppies were brought over and passed around until they fell asleep. Several people stayed the night, including a soft-voiced man from Hungary who would only remain in the cabin if we could assure him that we wouldn't steal his kidneys for resale ("Or any organs, really.") In the morning Kory, two journalists, myself and C-Dawg all trotted up the hill to visit a canyon where, I kid you not, we suddenly heard a chorus of yowling and yipping from the next valley over. I might have thought we had imagined it, but it was picked up by the sled dogs in the valley, who began to sing back. Creepy creepy. Things basically ended with bacon and eggs and a discussion about how the journalists, both being from 'established' (ie. rich) families in Montreal, were the black sheep due to their terrible life choices of not becoming lawyers, doctors etc. It feels as if middle-class North American  kids who grow up wealthy are so traumatized by the lack of happiness in their parent's lives that they strike out to do something that leaves them poor but content, and their kids are seized by a burning desire to be successful and attain all of the wealth that their parents never had. And so the cycle continues.

In other news, if that smug blond poster child wins the Iditarod again this year, I will scream and rip out my hair.