Monday, March 23, 2015

Still Works

Hey guys.

This thing still works for me...

I just reorganized my sock drawer, happy Monday.

Had a decent weekend, went up to Nanaimo, made beer butt chicken, climbed part of a mountain, drank too much beer while making the chicken, discovered some tasty ice tea, played Carcasonne with Mike's friends. They're nice.

I just pulled all my camping gear out to sort through. I haven't looked at my gaiters since Cape Scott (except when Danielle mentioned my weird water wings in the closet). I have no doubt that they will fill the bath tub with mud when I get around to rinsing them.

Feeling exceptionally low energy last week and this one so far. Should get out running.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

You Are Beautiful in Chinese


I don't see why you don't go and get the ingredients to make the cheese swirl thing.
I was just at the grocery store buying materials to make a cake for Mike tomorrow, since he'll be back from Revy on Tuesday. Apparently it's his sister's husband's birthday today (he is also named Mike) and his birthday the day after. Bit weird.

Yesterday was very nice actually. Spent most of the day at Open Space working on archiving the declined proposals, took the whole time to double check the list and make sure everything was in order. Feels good to get it done, plus I had free pizza for lunch because there was a board meeting going on. Then I basically walked around window shopping, got some coffee, went into Munroes. It was gorgeous out yesterday and really busy downtown. I ran into a ton of people I know, including John from Unicef, who was heading to Touch- kind of funny. Met up with Marketa and Danielle eventually at Herman's Jazz Club to see Marketa's friend Kim sing. Really nice and relaxing to catch up with those girls and listen to some nice music. Kim's a gospel singer so her voice was great. And of course the night ended at BBJ's, which is weirdly clean these days, I only saw one bra in there. We sat with some guys from Edmonton who showed us a gamed with beer and peanuts. It was a pleasant day overall I think.

My internet has been stupidly slow/ non-functional the past couple weeks. So its a miracle if this makes it up but everything else that could be improved in my life is on hold for awhile, including internet correspondence with friends I guess.

cheesy borek

Saturday, February 14, 2015

here's dedicated to you Rolla.

Hey bums, how was the day today? On my end, it's been pretty good. The sun was in full power, guess who walked to work WITHOUT A JACKET. I met with our friend Tyson for breakfast. It felt funny having him as my morning hangout, (I felt i was stealing this supposed time from Demeina!) but regardless, it was great seeing the guys face. We ate at Gary's and stuffed our faces with bennys. I hope one day they add a bit more natural light to that restaurant. It's so dark and .... maybe cozy is the right word, but it felt odd as a breakfast pick. 

I continued on and then went to work. That also wasn't bad. This old, old old man, who use to be a pilot of sorts, and whose been blessed to travel to 30 something countries, came up and tried to impress me with his spanish, dutch and chinese. He called me beautiful in Chinese actually. It was cute, but awkward- since his wife was in the back of the store just minding her own business. But regardless man, you made me smile.

Now it's the evening, and I have abosolutely nothing to do. Ty-man invited me over, but I'm hoping if I don't go over he might be cute with his doe. Maybe call her, do something at least. That and I really don't feel like walking for a few hours for beers. 

Hope you guys are healthy and happy.  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Emma's Culture Update

One of those nights where you're sleepy by 5 so dinner is dry toast in bed and my room-mates are napping anyway so sue me.
I made it to Friday, am killing it at knitting with the wrong size needles, thank you.
Got the latest McSweeneys in the mail today, I think this is my last one from the subscription so the debate is whether to break down and renew. I think it takes me so long to read the issue, though, that it doesn't necessarily make sense to get them all. I'll invest in the gems maybe.
Also been tearing through this book about travelling the Trans-Siberian (always my dream, even after that movie came out). This is the fastest I've ever read any non-fiction book and it honestly might just have been because A Confederacy of Dunces was dragging me through the dirt. I think I am just the wrong age/ nationality for that business.
I am listening to a band that I saw open for the Deep Dark Woods. They were a bit mumble- y so I had one of them write the name in my notebook (shout out to Pabst for dat courage) and anyway he was awkward and apologetic and kinda cute but the dude standing next to us was like "Why not just buy some merch?!" which ruined the whole thing. I could have invited him outside to ess a jay with my delinquent high school friends but he escaped.
My hair is way too long right now, probably a disgrace. I keep pulling really long strands out of my shirt.
But of course my dearest darling keeps doing things like turning to me in the woods with sparkling eyes to say that my hair looks really good with the greens of the forest. Swoon.
Too bad he skipped Friday Night With Emma to meditate with his Nanaimo friends and sit in his friend's car. (Really good car stereo?) I can't complain seeing as I barely make it up there to see him, I've been volunteering my Saturdays away...
And I've been listening to that Gilmore Guys podcast, holy hell. It's just two guys talking about the show but it's hilarious. Plus they get their friends to sit in and it seems like all the girls they invite just hate the show. Although I should stop talking about it maybe, no one else seems as interested. "It's just really funny" doesn't sell or something.

The above is a pic of me entering a cave. Please note that the cave was about 5 meters deep and infested with cave crickets, which are terrifying. Please also note that I am so tanned. Wow. I just found that on Brett's old computer, which is now my computer.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Night Shake Down

Hi girls.

I'm on an insane sugar high that may have altered the rest of my life. It all started when the whole office sat down together to make gingerbread houses and has spiraled out of control through a giant box of Purdys chocolates and into a bag of wine gums that is stashed in my pants drawer.

Honestly my mouth feels like its full of wire brushes

Plus for some reason I agreed to play online Scrabble with Mike and he happens to be stupidly good at it (the Scrabble dictionary is total bogus by the way- fub is not a word that should acquire more points than the word pub, which is a real word)

Had a great weekend with little to no sugar intake so at least I can remember that fondly. Went to Gowlan Tod and climbed around on some rocks and trees, went to Tyson's for burgers with bacon cooked into them. Laid in bed the majority of Saturday which was much appreciated and needed

I have a day and a half of work left before the holidays and I'll be damned if I don't use part of the half playing Klondike on my Ipod. Or, I mean, sending important emails.

Both my elbows feel arthritic, I'm going to lie down.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Made Marzipan!

And I ended up turning them into these little chocolates. Really simple and they turned out delivious- though I think I need a darker chocolate to counter the amount of sticky sweetness between the marzipan and apricot. Definitely something I'll be adding to my candy recipes for the holidays- (alongside salted honey caramels and chocolate truffles). Soon I'll be da domestic queen.

and now have a good early morning/late night dancing song:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Read a recipe on how to make marzipan, gonna make it this week.

The weeks are still stressful. Though, today was sunday and I didn't do much. I cleaned for the majority of it. I ate a little, and then finished watching a movie I've been meaning to finish. I also went down to the beach and saw a dead baby seal. no head. Poor guy didn't even grow up to thrive, and eat all the fish it could handle.
Last night, I dreamt of something that I have yet to ever dream of. For me, I don't think it was exactly the specific subject matter, but the theme itself of never actually (or at least thinking i havent) ever feeling the particle feeling that i felt! It was new, I woke up happy for the moment being.

That being said, I bought a small book of poetry the other day- filled with relatively normal situations, but laid out simply and that you could easily swallow. Like a piece of orange covered in sugar. Da author is Wendy Cope.

This is it though.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Megumi Goto

I have a big midterm in a few hours and I'm not really absorbing anything. It's frustrating when you read and read and nothing enters your brain. There is a barn party tomorrow night that I'd like to be able to go to, but it won't be possible. I'm going to re-gift my second copy of The Inconvenient Indian to Jon for his birthday; here's to passing on good books.

Hope that you are feeling less stressed, Sarah. And that it is as sunny a couple hours north as it is down here today.

Everyone is sick right now, and not in the "Damn kid, that's sick" kind of way.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October Catch-Up

Still raining.

I was supposed to start a new volunteer position at Open Space this afternoon but the girl who was meant to train me stayed home with a bad cold. So I have been watching Gilmore Girls at home for the last couple hours, listening to the rain hit the roof.
They are making me the Proposals Assistant, which is a fancy title for a job that is basically sorting and scanning pages into pdfs. With the potential of attending board meetings in the future though, which is the real draw. That place still makes me a bit uncomfortable though. Miles, the Installation guy, is really nice and welcoming but I still have no idea where I stand with the director. She's a bit of a cat, you know? Not afraid to swat.

And Sarah Chezick, I was afraid you were mad at me for not getting in touch Thanksgiving weekend. Seriously though I will show you my schedule:

Friday- Arrive in Nanaimo, hung out with Mike, tried to go to Newcastle but the ferry wasn't running, went to the Morrel nature reserve instead, got lost, found Westwood lake, ran around in the forest. Went to a Thanksgiving potluck/ birthday party for a thirty something year old guy. Listened awkwardly as Mike apologized to the guy for asking his girlfriend out several months ago (he felt really bad about it which I thought was stupid- girl's main appeal was that she likes Star Wars, who doesn't) Dropped my beer on the floor, ate delicious soup made my a French Canadian.

Saturday- Drove to Black Creek, hung out with Kory's whole family, went kayaking, posed for pictures, drove back down to Parksville for dinner with my parents, watched a stupid movie with Tom Cruise.

Sunday- woke up, drove to Victoria, watched my brother try to walk after running 42 km, waited for him to have a shower, drove home, made brussel sprouts, drove to Qualicum, ate dinner with about 47 teenagers and two black labs (everyone liked my brussel sprouts) drove back home, laid around moaning about how full I was, went to bed early

Monday- my parents insisted that I go through some boxes in the garage that had some things from childhood etc, some old pots that my mom made. Drank a coffee, drove to Nanaimo to drop my brother off at the ferry, drove back to Mike's house and back to Victoria to dinner at Marketa's. Ate too much and drank too much wine. Went to bed

So you see, I guess I could have hung out with you Saturday night instead of watching stupid Tom Cruise movie, but I was falling asleep and sounds like you've been busy too...

Would have liked to have seen Mr Standing though. I guess I've been having a good month. Today just feels like it should have been productive but the best thing that happened was the hot chocolate I made at breakfast. Last night I saw Matt and Jocelyn, they look the same. Something about couples though stops time a little. Maybe it's because I haven't seen them in a while.