Thursday, May 31, 2012


just drafted a letter to the UN Secretary General of operations to Haiti. Look how big my head is!
Apparently we are meeting him for lunch at some point to plan his visit to UVic. Man, its funny because I have no plans of going into foreign aid, really. Maybe these schmoozing skills will come in handy for my artist wooing days.
Anyway my hands are perfectly clean, thanks. I skipped out on morning class to lull and eat and eat and lull, because I recently realized that it has been several weeks since I have had the morning to myself.
Gotta go watch a postmodern film about a man who's wife is killed in a freak accident involving a white swan and a woman with no legs. Or so says IMDB. Wish me luck on keeping a straight face.

My desk is being eaten alive by mugs.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I just want big, clean windows.

Here's a quick catch-up too. I'm glad summer school isn't driving you too crazy, is sabo doing summer school too? Amber would be a cool summer roommate. Who knows, maybe you guys could be included on the scuba thing. Up island here, the sun has been shining and I had the cd release party, plus some family from the great province of Manitoba come up. Of course she came up when my family were having not the easiest time with the money, and of course, like my grandfather, flashed the paper, and bought everything in sight. Making my parents feel like they should repay her. It was weird. But of course her stay was bittersweet,because I haven't seen this woman in at least 12 years, and she was (other then the money aspect) alright to be around.

The cd release party happened with a couple bangs. The day started out with me waking up at 4:30 in the morning, to finish painting this backdrop to be used that the event later that night. I remember how I had this... over-exaggerated force to push myself out of bed, and then, the panic rush of finding a sweater and getting outside as soon as possible to get as much done. It was freezing, and to add to it, that morning I promised c-man that I would call him and talk some things out. So here I was, frozen, hands barely able to move, rushing to get this painting done (or at least something) and yelling at my boyfriend at 5 in the morning. Of course, we worked it out, and I had enough time to have a shower... Which felt good. I then rushed to load the marimbas with jasmine and rob at 830 and we headed off for our first gig of the day in nanaimo at the waterfront. We made money and then more rushing home to gather up the bounty of decorating props to be used at the evening event.

I wish I had photos to show you guys, the decorations turned out great. Twinkle lights, lanterns, a long table down the room with flowers in glass vases. It felt romantic. Like a warm hug that I wanted to stay around forever. But of course, I was tired and more exhausted then anything.  The feelings of romance and warm hugs, soon turned to this slowly over-filling bucked of cold loneliness and just " I really don't want to be here anymore" feeling, filled my body .  It  put a weird damper on the evening, and I can safely say the show we preformed that night, wasn't out best. The night before we played at knox, alongside this choir, and got a standing ovation in the middle of the set. That felt good.

Here now, it's saturday and I woke up early and been slowly puttering. I need a shower though, so that's what I'm going to go do. Keep clean girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

doing alright, doing just fine.

Had to go home from school sick today. Left class after 2 hours of "simple learning" explained... spent to rest of the afternoon bent around a hot water bottle thanking the gods that I was missing yet another lecture on Russian Constructivism. What is it about Capitalists that find Communists and the will to be equal so fascinating yet also so disgusting? Anyway instead I listened to This American Life's interpretation of middle school and how it was the most disgruntling yet formative years in a human American's existence. The Terrible Twelves, slightly less endearing than the Twos.
This one girl at her middle school dance had been asked out by 5 separate lads and had not given any of them a definitive answer. Something that is cute when it is narrated by a twelve year old, prepubescent, voice but just plain promiscuous for everyone else. She was all like "I just wanted to hang out with the girls, you know?" Must  be a looker.
And in my textbook a psychologist described his first love, whose breath always smelled like onions, to the point that he became sexually stimulated every time he smelled onion breath (there was even a diagram...) And how every once in a while he will catch a whiff and be transported back to that place in his teen years...

Monday, May 21, 2012

old films and it smells like dogs still

It's been over a month ladies, what's doing?
I'm writing a paper, of course. Some module in my brain thought it would be brilliant for me to take Summer School, and I guess all the other modules in my brain were to distracted by sex or fried chicken to protest too hard. Ever see Fritz Lang's M? It's got me on this film noir binge. This skinny kid in my class (cinema and modern art movements, obvs.) has seen every movie that the prof mentions in passing, ever. So he'll be like "Anyone ever see Night of the Hunter?" and the kid with his neon lime green shoes does and awkward hand twist as the timid nerds may do.
You know what made my day today? I bought almond milk in Cook Street Village for $1.44!! Do you know how much that shit costs normally? At least a dollar more.
My room has taken on the stinge of that strategically placed green back-pack in the corner. You know, dog smell. Old rope and dirty paws and ALL ThAT JAZZ.
I will leave you with a trailer. I think you can watch this whole movie of youtube if you so desire.
The music is a little crazy and not at all like in the real deal- just so's y'all know.

House Update: Sabo was trying to convince Amber Mac to come live in Kat's room for the summer but she refused on the grounds that she had promised herself she would snorkel everyday. And she can't really do that here...