Thursday, May 31, 2012


just drafted a letter to the UN Secretary General of operations to Haiti. Look how big my head is!
Apparently we are meeting him for lunch at some point to plan his visit to UVic. Man, its funny because I have no plans of going into foreign aid, really. Maybe these schmoozing skills will come in handy for my artist wooing days.
Anyway my hands are perfectly clean, thanks. I skipped out on morning class to lull and eat and eat and lull, because I recently realized that it has been several weeks since I have had the morning to myself.
Gotta go watch a postmodern film about a man who's wife is killed in a freak accident involving a white swan and a woman with no legs. Or so says IMDB. Wish me luck on keeping a straight face.

My desk is being eaten alive by mugs.

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