Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pineapple Princess, I Love You

Glad to see we're all back and together, finally.

I'm in Nanaimo, writing a stupid business report on leadership (in academics)

Everyone is impressed with the girth of the pineapple that I picked up while walking home in a daze of post-buzz. Went for pints after a student (me!) organized tour at the Archives, got more cut than expected, walked 10 km home. Thought I ought to stop in and find some eats at the IGA, store was half empty due to closing down this month. Only thing that looked appealing was this prize pineapple. Yesterday, when running out the door to catch a ferry, room-mate goes "make sure you bring that pineapple!" (clearly less impressed), and so here it is, sitting on the counter next to some other less impressive specimen.
 I dunno why I put myself through this torture each time but now I have to Get Inspired and write FIFTEEN pages of suck-uppy drivel, due Monday.
Bye girls