Monday, April 2, 2012

Road trip to Japan

I think this might be a potential dream house. Imagine me standing in front of the wall, contrasted wearing the brightest clothes imaginable, holding a baby with smile from ear to ear. It's in Japan by the way. Would you come visit me in Japan? I think it would be a bit of an adventure if you did. Mostly because I could imagine you Mortimer, with the most grossed out face and me trying to force a live octopus down your throat to eat, and here is Laura, doing it like shes a boss. That's just one of the many adventures we would have. If you want to check out more of the house, go here

Other then that.. nothing new has been going on. How was seeing brett back on the island? Did you guys do something super exciting for Tyson's birthday? I should make him a card. This past weekend, I wrote out like 3 letters (one to the editor of Parksville/ Qualicum Beach News) mostly to share my discontent about Katimavik, and how the federal has just cut funding to it. I'm also working on an email to send to like... 10 art councils to invite them to share in the services we offer when we head up to Penticton in July. Aw Man.. And! The band right now is planning for a cd release party for the end of the month. Pretty excited. The theme is going to be starry night/summer night. Though now the I think more about it, the more difficult I think It will be. Sure there is lanterns and faerie lights, but what else? Any opinions would be great.

Hope you guys are happy and healthy.