Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Internet Is Bigger Than Jesus or John Lennon

Nice, I'm glad you're back at it.

My brother keeps saying Dayne looks like the villain from the new Star Wars (Adam Driver though, the guy is 6.5 with a pretty solid jaw- Dayne still looks like he could blow away with the wrong gust).
My dad was appalled that the kid decided that he was done with the school that was costing his dad more than my entire degree per year- no one seems to be sure how exactly that school works anyway. I guess the thing about university is that you are forced to suspend all other life activities until you are done. Like there was a girl in my class in my undergrad who was doing an honours degree while pregnant and with another kid at home and she was basically losing her mind at all times.

Anyway my big school news is that I got high 90s in all my exams except one, and I've made the Dean's Honour Roll (that doesn't mean $$ tho). I guess at this point I kind of expect that kind of success from myself, and getting a B+ in an elective felt way worse than the honour roll thing could make up for.
Other feelings: it's kind of nice to be on the rag over Christmas, compared to other times. No one cares if all you wanna do is eat chocolate and curl up with a book.
And my dad made a joke about little Mikes running around soon, and I was like haha no thanks Dad. that's why they made birth control. I think I'm still too young for these comments, right?? Like who else has a dad with ovaries as bouncy?

Monday, December 21, 2015

monday fundays

Hey you two, making up for lost times now.

Saw Sabo for the first time in ages, I also did a casual loop around Qualicum with her and Dayne... because thats what qualicum kids do apparently. Dayne has pretty hip hair now, bragging about plans of living eventually in Brazil- but also equally excited about living in a van- he's growing up in a very particular way Ems.

Also, seeing as i'm super close to living in town now, the idea of doing a random walk to have tea in lonesome just dawned on me. Couldn't have done that before.

See you Wednesday for breakfast.

Friday, December 18, 2015

the return of this,

Hey guys... forward thanks to miss ems for telling me to use her e-mail and the pass to get back into this thing.

The last week has been stressed, i've moved and it just feels like things don't stop- i'm also anxious to start holiday baking- but i don't think that will be happening until this coming monday.

That also being said, i started reading "If on a winter's night a traveler" by Calvino- this postmodernist author from Italy and i'm unsure if i like it or could get the entirety of my heart into this. Something keeps distracting me whenever i try making myself through the book- or though a page. Below are the cool pictures I found of him via google.