Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I'm glad that you enjoyed your volunteering in the monsoon weather. I woke up way too early that morning and hours just started out slow. I felt like a fuzzy bum playing marimba in the auditorium, but the lighting in the room itself, was beautiful.

We stayed there for 2 hours, and then split up for a little bit. Carmanagh and I went to mec for what felt like an hour and waited on the rest of the crew to bring back the trailer and van. Before bracing myself for the weather outside, a pink super-soft sweater caught my eye. It was so soft that this older lady was just as attracted to it as I was. We felt it and were in awe. Awe until we saw the price- 75$ . We both then looked at each other and shook our heads " Not today!" "Not this month".

We decided to quick Victoria, because as you know the weather was horrible. It wasn't the day we were going to make our millions. We thought we'd try our luck in Nanaimo and it was the best choice. About a half hour out of Nanaimo, we saw that glorious blue sky. The closer we got, the better it was. Before the busking began, we all went for a coffee. Mortimer, it was the first time I ever ordered a double-double at Tim Hortons. It was a growing up moment.

We busked, we made some money. We then had a bbq at Carmanaghs boyfriends place and then the night was over. I was tired. I'm still feeling it.

In anycase, hope you're happy. This week is going to be a moving week, and the crew and I are going to be painting the ugly green trailer this weekend. We're thinking turquoise with some colorful trim.

Other than that.. In my heart and brain I've been thinking a lot about green spaces and been mostly inspired from the books I've been reading. I've been talking to forrest and we might be starting something up eventually. Who knows. I know at least a couple other people who would be really into it.  I've been getting inspired with ideas that go like this...
1. Why hasn't the city planted more ubarn edible plants and trees?
2. Did you know that green spaces can help lower crime and road rage?
3. I want to experiment more with vertical gardens once i move. I think I might do that this summer.