Saturday, June 18, 2016

I'm lacking the noodles of being embarrassed.

So the day prior to yesterday, I sat on the computer- inspired to create something for myself. I decided to create a map, a rough solid walking route. I tried to make it as simple as possible, so I basically did a big loop, taking the afternoon and ending to be 25km. It was nice, except for some funny fact.

While walking up Cook St, some lady thankfully told me that there was a rip on the butt of the jeans.

My new favourite pair of jeans are now ruined, and it made me think of an incident that happened almost 6 years ago in Yellowknife, where I was walking to work and some lady pulled over to tell me the back of my skirt was pulled up into my tights.

I'm the worst at this guys, and to boot- it didn't phase me. I'm trying to convince myself that people don't really care who they see on the street and the individual relevance I might have on the general public in reality in close to zero.

I'll keep in touch, and tell ya guys if in 6 years another similar incident happens.