Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jesus Has Left Chicago

Just ran 10.54 km. I was trying for 12 but I just can't seem to find the extra two k's, no matter what loop I try.
Interesting things that happened on this run:
1) Was negotiating a couple that was occupying the entire width of the path with their hand holding, when they suddenly stopped walking and locked lips. This was not a young couple. I eventually whipped around them, sheepish as a pregnant nun, trying to make as little noise as possible.
2) Apparently that set the theme for the rest of the run. As I was coming up Cook and passing Rosie's Diner this tall, buff guy whips around with his fist raised. At this point I'm still a couple of feet behind him, and planning to just scoot by but I think he honestly thought I was going to leap onto his back. So he says "you shouldn't creep up on people like that." As if I need a carnival megaphone to announce my approach of Our City's Honest Citizens.
3) And then crossing Quadra at Fort I pass this terrible little dog that lunged forward and started yapping its ugly little jaw to the floor.

And I spend most days at work tearing my hair out over the fact that some people in this world legitimately believe it is ok to put their address down as gps coordinates on paperwork for a loan.