Saturday, August 23, 2014

Radio Silence

So I guess I've written on this thing about twice in the past eight months. Just realized I haven't even really checked it since last post.
It's nice to hear your adventures Laura. You sound happy.

I got dumped today, which was a bit unexpected. I've had this really nauseous head ache for about a week and it has been making it hard for me to concentrate or interact properly with other humans (met a very nice bull dog named Stella on Wednesday. We got along). Anyway I guess Myles thought I was mad at him or ignoring him out of spite and came over to end it this morning. I was sort of angry to begin with because despite the fact that I had been telling him all week that I was feeling ill it didn't really seem to register with him.
I'm just writing this down because I know I'm going to be asked why we broke up and I'm still not really sure myself. I thought we were working on communicating but I guess not.

Anyway. Going to a party tonight. Probably not a good idea since I haven't eaten much today but I'm hoping I'll be able to talk about other things to strangers.

Also spent about an hour organizing the poster wall at Open Space which earned me a blistered thumb and too much time to be alone and think

Maybe it's time to think about grad school