Thursday, July 21, 2016


Got a family doctor yesterday, or whatever they call it when you're legally single and out in the world.
Went in for a pap test after biking up the world's steepest sweaty hill and she prodded me, then gave me a tetanus shot and asked me to be hers!

Mikes taking a party boat to Texada this weekend for a music festival that sounds like a front for a cult. I'm supposed to be busing out to North Delta for Sal's birthday, be at least interesting since I don't know many of her friends. Fingers crossed that I'm only working five days this week but with my luck...

So I'm doing some work for the Canadian Fishing Company, which mostly involves scanning their abundance of photographs and organizing them in files. This work can be tedious but yesterday I got to go through some pics of a boat called Prodigy that burned and sank "total loss by fire." Everyone there seems to have nothing but contempt for the DFO so I'm sitting on the news that my beloved works for them/ is one of them. I'm doing this scanning for them even though I'm not their employee because eventually I will be doing some research for my real employer (Gulf of Georgia Cannery) with Canfisco's info. So far no news on that front so I'll just keep plugging away

Home you girls are well, having adventures and belly laughs or something miss youuu