Saturday, December 8, 2012

be safe and take care!

I've been enjoying the goodlife lately. Kindof stressful, but all possible. C-man Kurosh is here! on the 20th! When's the sabo's Christmas party again? I hope it's not the 20th. Because I'm busy with another engagement on the 20th. Text me the deets. Or not. It's not like I'm waiting for your fingers to send me messages through a telephone.

I've been wishing alot it would snow too. It felt this morning like it could. My room has been decked out with Christmas lights, white flowery snowflakes, and rainbow snowflakes. I've also been researching Ukrainian Christmas eve meals ( it's a 12 course event, vegetarian, but with fish..) The art above showcases the meal in the happening.

The picture is pretty beautiful Mortimer. Good job!