Sunday, October 28, 2012

this morning the snail shell on my window sill had moved 5mm.

Laura, you were over here about an hour ago picking up your widely dispensed clothing and bottles of such and shit. Anyway. I feel like your new man has this secret silent lingo that you just absorb through wherever you may be placing your hands. It kind of weirds me out.
Just because. I thought he would be the usual wiry if enthusiastic boy. Turns out you weren't kidding when you said he hits people for a living. And flies around in helicopters and drinks Jaeger straight from the bottle.

So last night while playing Pictionary with some new friends and old ones too, my brother's friend Michael kept telling me how different I am from my boy-half. And Tyson pipe's up that it's because I'm "badass." Which more or less led to a few minutes today of time wasted searching the definition of "badass" on urban dictionary (too much?)- to make the circle full here Laura, I think this man you keep bringing around fits the definition that the time-wasters of the world came up with more than I ever really could.
Not really sure what the point of this ramble is. Maybe its just that I'm bad at saying what I mean, even when the time is right. Maybe it's that I don't really know any boy who's ass I couldn't kick if it came to it.

Sabo ran into another mutual boy-friend on her way home a few minutes ago. Equally scrawny, same values of passion over success as every other person I know these days. Just got dumped by his significantly younger girlfriend. Sarah gave him some chips. Lucky for the rest of the world, he will probably write a great song about this.