Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm craving cream cheese.

I want the fruit but I fear the tree

So nice to find dirt on a pair of pants that you haven't worn in 4 months.
So nice to be able to put these pants on without undoing the button.

So nice to be home after a two day vacation and feel pleased and relaxed in the same way one feels after two months abroad. You know? Even a small trip works to cool one's jets. Obviously not literally.

Been re-writing my resume for the co-op edition of my life. The recommendations for what to include are totally unrealistic. Unless the rest of the world has more downtime/ never does anything. Just seems like trying to include everything + sophisticated describing words makes one hell of a novel.

Listening to people I know on Bandcamp. I know all the famous kids, don't I just.

Sarah you need to read this book called It Chooses You by Miranda July, bought it recently on a sick day. It's about this time when she was writing a movie called The Future (available on netflix) and she was super blocked and spent a bunch of time reading the Penny Saver, which is this American classifieds paper thing. Anyway she gets it into her head to interview a bunch of the people in there and so the book is her running around Los Angeles interviewing the strangest types who are selling everything from leopard kittens to leather jackets. And I guess the point is that these people chose to sell their things through this paper, because most of them do not have computers although not all of them are old, you know? Like July talks about how she spends a stupid amount of time looking things up online, and these people are too busy/ just generally unconcerned with the advent of computers.

There is a balling ass magazine job posted on the co-op site that requires knowledge of Mandarin, Cantonese or Japanese. There is a totally smoking hot job at Open Space that calls a driver's license "essential." Is "bohemian" still a job? I could be that.