Friday, August 2, 2013

Finally the skies are slowing down.

Did ja get rain too? huh huh huh. I hope so, it's good for everything involved. I'm a mess right now. I've been sick for the past week and now my insides are turning for that once a month guest. I'm guessing my terrors and womanly powers will be back to full strength in the next coming days, until then though- bleh.

Got two movies you should watch eventually (when your life slows down, and you feel like having a lonely, quiet night)

1. "Persopolis", a persian animation film based on the story of a young girl growing up and her reflection of the revolution. I actually really enjoyed the movie, and the art is something I can really admire. It's casual, but I loved how Marjane Satrapi mixes her blacks and whites- it's great. I should also say that Marjane Satrapi writes graphic novels (I read Embroideries a couple months ago and overall enjoyed it and recently just placed the rest of her books on hold at the public library.) I obviously highly recommend checking this out.

2- Nader and Simin, A Separation- A modern Iranian film (Farsi with English subtitles, 2011), narrating a situation between of a housekeeper of sorts who is hired to look after the father of Nader. The Father has Alzheimer's and the housekeeper was hired to take care of him until a better person could be found. Problems arise, along side tensions of a already divorce in the mix and you get an intense story that leaves you hanging in the end. Nader reminds me of Mehdi I think.. or someone else, I can't explain it and it was leaving me indescribably uncomfortable for the duration of the film.

Other than all that, "The Parksville Street Dance" has been planned for August 24th (A Saturday Night, starting at 7pm) and so far we have Del Larson Trio and The Fresh Pots.... We're still working on the lineup though. Plus Kumbana is playing too, just because we're the ones arranging it.

Hope you're happy and healthy. I'm craving poutine and beer right now. ARAGGG