Monday, August 27, 2012

Someones in the forest and the other is someplace else.

It's night time here in my little corner. I was just experimenting with this thing I heard that a chocolate cake mix and a can of pumpkin puree make some alright muffins. The test subjects are in the oven as I speak, the batter doesn't taste anything different though and I've been craving chocolate all night.

This last weekend we had an intense band day, so intense that my hands ended with blisters that pained me in the aftermath- shower (soap burns). Market in the morning and then straight to nanaimo to play on Newcastle Island for a wedding. We had to put all the instruments on a boat with this guy who seemed a bit broken hearted that he wasn't invited to the wedding, but boasted that he was neighbors with the family of the bride. He's one of those characters that you respect, because of his stance of an all around good guy. Retired firefighter, good smile and that will to just help out. I hope his life is a a good one. I really do. I meet people and I can just see that how they live their lives, that they just deserve a good one. Mind you, we're all blessed to be living in the life we all have, but I guess that's all by chance.