Monday, May 21, 2012

old films and it smells like dogs still

It's been over a month ladies, what's doing?
I'm writing a paper, of course. Some module in my brain thought it would be brilliant for me to take Summer School, and I guess all the other modules in my brain were to distracted by sex or fried chicken to protest too hard. Ever see Fritz Lang's M? It's got me on this film noir binge. This skinny kid in my class (cinema and modern art movements, obvs.) has seen every movie that the prof mentions in passing, ever. So he'll be like "Anyone ever see Night of the Hunter?" and the kid with his neon lime green shoes does and awkward hand twist as the timid nerds may do.
You know what made my day today? I bought almond milk in Cook Street Village for $1.44!! Do you know how much that shit costs normally? At least a dollar more.
My room has taken on the stinge of that strategically placed green back-pack in the corner. You know, dog smell. Old rope and dirty paws and ALL ThAT JAZZ.
I will leave you with a trailer. I think you can watch this whole movie of youtube if you so desire.
The music is a little crazy and not at all like in the real deal- just so's y'all know.

House Update: Sabo was trying to convince Amber Mac to come live in Kat's room for the summer but she refused on the grounds that she had promised herself she would snorkel everyday. And she can't really do that here...