Monday, September 30, 2013

when we're dead or when we're dreaming

Amazing rain today. Honestly couldn't tell if it was falling up or down for most of the afternoon. And in the office we could hear it approaching- the rush of sudden pressure- and all three of us would pop our heads over the tops of the cubicles to watch it hit the pavement of the parking lot outside. We eventually had to stick an empty recycling bin under the consistent tap of a few drips coming in through the roof. And Jan drove me to the bus stop, which I am taking to mean that I have an in with those guys, like we bonded over how giddy the weather was making us.
My knee has been aching to the point that if I turn it in certain directions it feels like something inside is tearing. Doesn't help that I fell while cruising up the uneven pavement in Cook St Village the other night. A couple carrying a giant canvas looked genuinely concerned. Of course I fall down in front of the most caring citizens. And of course when I am exercising I turn into this aggressive machine of maniacal grins. As soon as I am down and bleeding I am back up, smearing the blood off with my fingers. Pain doesn't hit until I am in the bath later, trying to get the tiny rocks out of my skin.

Danielle has posted an ad on craigslist to try and find me a room mate for when she is in Mexico. We've had one response from a 26 year old carpenter named Angus. I am mildly anxious about living with a stranger, let alone a male stranger. I do not handle November well. November is when it hurts the most to get out of bed. And in November I graduate.

I've had a burning headache all day, possibly induced by the amount of wine consumed yesterday when Marketa showed up with her dog and a bottle of sake. Something about that dog. I know that he is not cute but when he is happy to see you its enough to make your heart explode. When he was a puppy some of M's friends dressed him up and took a million pictures of him, so that now when anyone aims any kind of electronic device at him he becomes frenzied and starts running around the house, trying to get away. The thing about fluffy dogs like that is that you assume that when they are running around with their tails in the air they are in great moods. Mr. T is constantly being chased from one end of the B+B to the other by excited guests.