Friday, August 1, 2014

Holy shitballs, look at where I am living right now.

Pretty sweet, huh?

The mountain/lake cabin that has become my current home comes with a patch of strawberries in the front yard, a dock which is floating on goodwill alone, and a resident black bear. After a young couple from Ontario evicted me from the townhouse that was to be the summer lodgings, I was pretty angry. But, y'know...somehow, I've gotten over it.

To weigh in on the relationship terminology argument. Partner is a good word, really. It implies that you are in a mutually respectful engagement with another person. You are merrily skipping down your life path with an amiable hanger-on who is not repelled enough by your personality quirks to strike off on a solo adventure. And that is my two cents. Although a very polite couple from California did inquire as to what my girlfriend did for a living the other day. So there are drawbacks too, apparently.