Sunday, September 9, 2012

bah bah black sheep

I'm here now. After my 4 marimba gig weekend. Started friday with a gig at the Marine Biological Station. Remember going there back in the day for a field trip? Went back friday. Potluck was good and the view from the place at evening and night was down right beautiful. It's nice to see nanaimo from a different point of view. Kind of like seeing a new place in a area you thought you knew. Plus, as it is, I want to take Cyrus there too. There this miniature list of places I want to take him.

Now comes saturday and we played the market in qually. Got there just before 8 and played until 12:30. I had a... overpriced, but tasty none the less celery/ginger/apple something.... juice. Oh, and lime. It was weird tasting, but good tasting. Have you guys been buying things that have been too expensive but you buy them anyways?!?! The two people who were selling the stuff were nice smiling, young looking people. I thought I would support them.

Couple hours later, left for Quadra. Ever been to Quadra? The place is surprisingly breathtaking. Heriot Bay Rebecca spit :
We drove out far as we could and half the band went swimming. The water was cold, and as I am not so much a random, throw-it-to-the-wind swimmer, my entire body did not touch the clear water. Who cares though. The sunset was sooooo crazy nice and everything seemed perfect for the night it was. We billeted that night, and the family I stayed with (along with carm, nat and elizabeth) was Nathan and Amber and their three kids. They had a young baby and another along the way. The man of the house (nathan) was a pastor at the local church (but a young one) and we stayed up until 11 just talking. Talking about how they chose to move to quadra (they came from saskatchwan), how they met ( bible college in saskatchewan), they fed us nachos and ice tea  and we felt like a very special bunch of girls. I had a cold night sleep though and the morning came slower then I wanted it to. We woke up to fresh bread/coffee and a baby mimicking whatever we did.  That being said, all things come to an end, we packed up, and said our goodbyes. We made our way to our 930 show. 

This is the funny part. We played on this stage that author Ken Kesey built (one flies over the cuckoo's nest) and that the Grateful dead played on. The guys on Quadra, brought over the stage from Oregon or something. It was mighty windy though. So windy that you saw the clouds of dirt fly over everything else.
We left the island with hitchhiker from israel named Noah. She was hilarious and 25. She also forgot her water bottle full of tea in the van we later discovered. I'm maybe going to mail it down to her if I ever know where she is. She's was on her way to Victoria.

We played one more show in parksville, by the resorts. I had a weird tasting green tea latte and by the end of the day I'm feeling just out of it. Just closing my eyes from how heavy my eyelids were while playing and surprising myself with playing without mistakes. I'm going to be teaching senior and after school classes at the art center in parksville and I'm trying to nudge one of the other members to help me out. I don't want to do it alooooone. 

That's it. I'm here now at home, eating a bowl of cereal and wanting to record my weekend, so I thought I'd do it here.