Saturday, September 26, 2015

Um hello


Have you two heard Ryan Adams' covers of Taylor Swift songs? Like they are trending hard right now on all the gadgets so get ye to FB if you haven't. But seriously.
I'm sitting in a hot pool of sun (sun means I can do laundry! Hooray for no dryer in a citythatneverstopsraining), working on my cataloguing exercises and listening to ol' Ryan singin' it.

What are ya'll up to? School is fine, I had a weird stress breakdown this week because Mike has been here, and I haven't been sleeping well, and I got a B+ on a test that was open book (although the class average was B... half the questions on the test were from the textbook, which is optional= shoot me). So basically I was feeling anxious and grumpy and Mike kept waking up at 5 am and jumping on me like a puppy.
This weekend is looking good so far, though. I'm going to the bday celebrations of someone who can't stop wearing suits. I helped make a short video in his honour, so I'm looking forward to seeing it.

I have to move because I'm getting one of those unappealing trucker's half face tans.