Friday, November 16, 2012

Wishinsky? Has to be a nom de plume.

Hey you guys. I'm procrastinating in the biggest way imaginable right now, term papers are coming out the ying-yang. Not in a literal sense, but close enough. I just carried a towering stack of books down from the third floor of the library, sat down at a computer beside a fellow examining complicated equations with the heading 'Bond Quotations'. He very obviously peered over at my subject matter.

Today I had the worst tutorial in awhile. It is not an exaggeration to say that everyone was stupid and said stupid things and had stupid thoughts; yours truly was not an exception. Fucked up big time on a few very basic facts. And then this guy in the corner asked what I thought 'the lowest point in Canadian history is' (the advent of residential schools was on the table). And I blurted out the Acadian expulsion, which is pretty odd, because it isn't a subject that I've really studied and it also happened pre-Confederation. The fellow who asked is in poli sci, has a huge mustache dark mustache although he is blond, and constantly refers to his girlfriend as 'the old lady'. Sexy (not).

Any thoughts on the subject?

Did some blog back reading as well. Glad to hear that things are going well, Chez. Laughed at the 'badass' comment about the token fighter who has entered our group, E. Hopefully we will be hanging out tomorrow before he heads out to Thailand. It is nice in a way; cool to spend time with an awesome fellow, but school+life is so busy that it's a good thing to be able to focus more exclusively on that for the next month or so.

I want a sandwich, but you and I are going out for dinner in a few hours, E. Hurry up, 6 o'clock.