Monday, December 10, 2012

Be sure to eat your broccoli and study your Marxist theory

Hey there girlies. My staunchly Republic cousin has been posting bizarre shit on Facebook for months, most of it pro-Tea Party and some of it slightly offensive. I am being prudent in not replying to any of his jabs for fear of starting a family feud. Therefore, I thought it hilarious to present a photo of this now rather outdated timepiece, which makes me feel a lot better secure in the knowledge that the people who wasted their money on this were likely radical Republicans whose biggest fear is WEED! WEED AND GAY MARRIAGE EVERYWHERE!

Yesterday I was in the library coffee shop for a short while and a fellow from my Iranian history class stopped to chat. He is a nice enough guy, but very aware of his time spent in the working world and is accordingly critical about the student lifestyle. Overly much so, if you ask me, which no one has. Anyway, he was talking about his friendship with the former dean of UVic, who is apparently a world-leading microbiologist and gave him a house on Saltspring. Whaaaa! Anytime someone feels like throwing some prime real estate my way, I'm ready for it.

Woke up to an orange tabby cat peering through my window this morning. It gave me quite a start, but the glass is still intact.

It's the tenth of December already! Sarah, have fun with your maaaaannnnn when he arrives.