Thursday, April 25, 2013

thursday night spanish dance party

So now I'm cleaning some things up for the big move

I literally slept on a bare mattress with only a snuggie last night. And a kitten to keep me warm. A kitten that seemed to think my feet were delicacies and woke up very early to chase himself around the house. And who somehow got his head stuck in a plastic bag handle, causing him to rip around the house, towing the bag and the cooking pot that was in the bag around the house. That cat will be a youtube sensation one day.
Yesterday was April 24 and the first day this year that I went swimming in the ocean. Kat and I were inspired by this older man that was flipping around in the surf like a seal so we pulled our clothes off and ran in. It lasted about 3 minutes total but it was fantastic. And now my legs are sunburnt as shit from trying to warm up and dry off in the blazing sun afterward.