Sunday, June 16, 2013

In the deep of the night, at the edge of the unknown

So feeling a bit better today. Except I seriously need to crack my back. Realizing that I need actual things/ plans/ work to do in order to get out of bed in the morning was a bit weird to be honest. Like normally I feel no motivation to get something done unless I have serious time constraints or a very small window of time to get it done. Which means basically that people who are always telling me to "write a book" need to put a deadline on that shit. Like write a book, due tomorrow on pain of monetary penalty.

Today I got a letter from my aunt, because it was just my birthday and also because she has no other way to contact me. In the letter she wrote that she is coming to visit my uncle who lives in Victoria in August and she gives me his address and phone number. GUESS WHAT. My uncle lives precisely one block over from me. I walked by his apartment building every day on the way to catch the bus for the past 3 years. I have not seen this man in at least 10 years.
In fairness he is my mother's brother and that side of the family is a bit distant to begin with, just because the Little gene dictates that we be as awkward as fuck, and also introverted, and perhaps lacking in generosity. But come on, man.
Anyway when my dad found this all out he went on a muttering tangent about Uncle Andrew, which ended with the conclusion that Andrew should get me a job in government bureaucracy. Hate to sound ungrateful but that sounds terribly boring.

And of course on the family note, the new girl at work today was talking about how her 22 year old friend discovered that he had a tumor on his stomach that was the size of the moon, and that he had no idea and had to have all these surgeries to scrape it out- and I'm thinking of my own poor family's medical history and breathing into a paper bag the whole time. 

So tomorrow is my first day of working two jobs in one day- split shift style. I'm just going to act like 11 hour days are perfectly all right and good and normal. If I can convince myself that I will survive my chances increase, right?