Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 18th was yesterday!

I wanted to draw a picture like this. Mostly because it reminded me of the printing room in the hospital I worked at in Montreal. I was given the job to run down there regularly to tell the lovely men we needed so many of the special posters printed by the head of the day. They recognized my broken french, and it always gave them the hit it was a perfect time to practice their English.
 This is the hospital. This really looks like this is an early morning picture, and what I don't understand is why there isn't the usual hoard of people, buses and whatnot. Because honestly, coming to work at 8/8:30 in the morning, was complete hell. I usually just took the long way, got off 15 minutes before the hospital and walked at the metro. It was good.  There was the prettiest buildings (or homes I guess) and a good park across the street.

How have things been for you? Friday night was spent at this block party in Qualicum which wasn't half bad.I invited Brett and  There was dancing, this cover band playing all the favorites and a bunch of rowdy middleage couples getting drunk off lucky. It was ridiculous. Then we headed out to natalies to paint this wall she wanted, and I painted a small city and slept squished against the wall, not able to stretch out my legs with fear of hitting someone in the head. Woke up, did a show in nanaimo dedicated to all the fathers out there, and then had some glorious coconut gelato while i watched our friends "slack line" across docks on the waterfront (where they crab fish you know?). Weird day, and for the majority of it, I felt gross.


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Down The Burning Rope

I was supposed to be at this get together for this girl that is moving away an hour and a half ago. Instead I am stuck at home reading my textbook. Shit. Anyway I'm really on here so that I can record my dream, y'all. So last night I was in a shit mood when I went to bed because... just tired I guess. But I dreamed that I was still in this weird shit mood except it was the Super Moon again. Except in this case Super Moon meant that this was the night that the moon was going to crash into Earth, that this was the day finally, and every night the moon had been drawing nearer to the Earth, and everyone was going down to the beach to watch the insane waves and also see if they would survive. And so I was in a shopping mall with... someone. Can't remember. Anyway we were wandering around and then we were separated and the mall closed for the end of the world. And so I went to this crowded beach and that guy with the white shoes who was hitting on Frances at my party was there wearing these huge shiny studed sunglasses and everyone was gathered around him admiring him, and he was giving a speech or something. Either way, all of a sudden the attention was on me and people were yelling at me because I hadn't packed, and didn't I know it was the end of the world??? And I was all pissed off, because what is the point of worldly possessions in a time like that? I tried to tell Marketa about the dream but she was all pissed because I was cutting the cake and it gets dry when we cut it and when it's dry no one eats it so we have to throw it out. I think she was just tired from the buccaneer dance. Apparently it was surreal.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

my leg hurtsd

just imagine jumping on trampolines, one after another to this song. Make the mental evening happening at just that hour in the evening in the summer where it's starting to get cold. And you're still wearing shorts.