Monday, February 3, 2014

My Brain's A Cliff And My Heart's The Bitter Buffalo

Well I participated in some more delinquent activities this weekend.
Loot obtained includes: two golf clubs, one pint class, one pencil, handful of pine needles in my pocket.
Kits is out of bounds for at least a year now.

Definitely avoiding doing laundry right now in order to be frustrated by the uselessness of the internet.
And well.

Turns out Daniel's (not a spelling mistake; unfortunate new nickname) friend Melany sits next to Carm in sign-language school everyday. Talk about smallest world in the world.

My cousin Dev, who is half Indian (yes East-Indian, not racist's Indian),  is getting married in April. In California. I wondering how much tradition will be brought into the half-Indian wedding. A very large part of me wants to road-trip down there for the festivities. Even if I've never actually met him. I can't see myself getting turned away though. And now I know a guy with a car...