Saturday, August 10, 2013

I smell like carbon monoxide and burning tires.


Becoming increasingly irritated by the negligence of people around me. This is the second day in a row that I have come home after a long day, and looked in the mirror to see my teeth full of crap.
Honestly. Today I spent about half an hour stuck behind some stores on Johnson street as a van caught flames and eventually exploded out front. I bonded with the other customers back there, we talked about the weather, about school, about the architecture around us, about how my bike was probably a pool of melted metal on the sidewalk by then, but not once in the smiles exchanged did anyone happen to mention that I had spinach interwoven in every single one of my teeth.
Thursday night I went out for what the Brits call a "hen night" (my cousin's getting married today). So we went to about 5 different places, got kicked out of one, which I've never experienced before. And before I walked home two of my cousin's cornered me and chanted "WE LOVE YOU EMMA" into my face for about 5 minutes straight. So I get home to collapse into bed and realize that I've had the remains of a terrible granola bar stuck in my grin. And the last thing I ate was at least 5 hours earlier.
Can we just agree right now that there is no shame in telling someone that their grill needs a scrub?

And I want to be in Parksville before the ocean gets all weird and cold again, not sure if I will make the street dance, I am very proud of you little lady.

See you soon.