Friday, November 30, 2012

Got to Fall Down, Its Friday

Did my final review for photo today. Which means I put some pictures up and people sat in a semi-circle and discussed them. People were surprisingly oozy about them. By which I mean the girl who is usually mean was only slightly critical. And plus my instructor kept unconsciously calling them "beautiful." I say unconsciously because she speaks in this stream of conscious way that basically outlines every minor thought that passes through her head, even if it doesn't make sense. Or maybe its that she speaks without really thinking. She's an artist see? She was saying that she tried to do a history class once in college but failed miserably because she cannot write a paper. Kind of person you want teaching a class.

 We've got all these Van Gogh themed paintings in our house at the moment. Art projects.

I was supposed to go to quiz nite tonight at the Fort,but its cancelled so I might end up helping Zoe dissuade her friend from seducing this terrible girl with emotional and intelligence issues. I hope this does not involve whoring myself out. Because I am not feeling particularly sexy right now, let me tell you.