Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rock Paper Scissors Sadness

I have had quite the morning, oh yes.

It was raining.

The recycling was not collected because it was heaped willy-nilly into our blue boxes rather than being nicely ordered into separate compartments. We now have the orange sticker of shame on the side of our box.

Got to school and missed two morning classes preparing for an intense presentation. Subsequently received an e-mail from my professor complimenting me on my powerpoint but stating that, sadly, I had my topics mixed up. I'm supposed to present on a different paper next week.

Wrote a fan letter to a rapper yesterday and then had a dream that he was working at a gas station and kept a tickle truck of different clothing in a warehouse at the back. I think this means that my iPod requires some more music, but it could also mean that we are fated to become friends.

Have either of you ever made Yorkshire pudding? How do you keep it from falling the second you remove it from the oven? I warmed up the pan and erything.

Didn't know until yesterday that Siam is another name for Thailand. I would bluster that it's a failure of our modern education system, but mostly it's just a failure of me.