Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tu eres una nina.

I've been practicing my Spanish lately. And slowly working on my french. It's a process. But a process none the less. I hope to see it become useful. I read the other day that to be a true citizen of the world, you must know 5 languages (or something like that). I'm still debating my other three languages (to make my life difficult, I'm not counting English) , but I think in a perfect world I'd also want to learn Arabic, Mandarin and some language that's dying. Someone can propose it to me, and I'll just be a pawn keeping it around for another generation.

Maybe you could ask that question to your potential victims "what five languages would you learn?" or at least add it to the list when you run out of all the ones you have.  But all that being said, I would love to start up the Quarterly. I don't know how'd we want to have it focused it on per say  But we could have a meeting or start shooting e-mails back and forth starting whenever your heart desires. 

On a completely unrelated note. I've been learning a  lot more about Lebanon. Cyrus gave me a book during the christmas break called " Lebanon, The Politics of a penetrated Society" By Tom Najem. Tom being his Middle Eastern Politics teacher last semester. I haven't learned too much yet, but I can definitely tell you 3 things:
  1. 1943, Mennonite Christians and Sunni Muslims made the national pact. It was the framework for power sharing/working cooperatively, that would make it possible for many many many and deeply divided sectarian groups to govern collectively.
  2. The French governed from the end of the first world war, up to the second world war (1919- 1946) but the environment and developments during the second world war, set stage for Lebanese independence and prompted major sectarian leaders to prepare for self government. 
  3. And last but certainly not least, fun fact! The president of Lebanon can only be a Mennonite Christian!
I've also been watching some Lebanese-inspired movies. Both I've watched have a light-hearted  feel to them, but I've enjoyed them regardless. They included "Where do we go now" and "Caramel" both directed and I think staring the same person (Nadine Labaki). They definitely have a female vibe, which I think is something desired in a major male dominated society. Both are in Arabic too, so if you by chance want to watch them, they have english subtitles. Expect that.

Oh well. That's it. I've been stressed lately, and day dreaming of tater tots and springrolls.
Hope you guys have a good saturday! -Shark