Friday, October 30, 2015

Pretty Pimping

Hello, it's me.

Took a dog for a walk this morning, that was pretty dope.
Also found this perfect leaf the other day:
There are a lot of tree lined streets in my neighbourhood, and spooky Halloween decorations galore. One house on my street has a fake tombstone that says RIP S. Harper. I didn't really realize how many trees there actually are in this city. It is big and scary and grey downtown, of course, but my area feels pretty cozy right about now.
Have had a slow week, homework wise. Unfortunately this does not mean getting a head start on anything, it means watching movies and catching up on my novel reading. I went for one run, too.
I'm trying to plan a camping trip for the Spring for this side of the strait, but I think if we are going to do it early in the year it might have to be an island adventure. There's a lot of spectacular looking mountain hikes on this side, but unfortunately not a lot of mountain equipment amongst us.
I'm thinking we will probably end up doing the Juan de Fuca, which is A-ok. If so you should come Sarah Chezick. It seems like a pretty good starting-off hike. The weather will be atrocious, of course, but at least we will be able to have some roaring campfires.
Going to the island tomorrow during the day. I am stoked to have a puppy thrown on me at 7 am Sunday morning. Classic Tymeina stunt. Apparently they also have a cat now.