Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Burning cities melt hearts

I am having constant sad dreams about being up north in late September. They are mostly fragmented flashbacks of being somewhere out on the tundra or wading through boreal forest, with leaves that are just beginning to turn and the smell of cool earth in the air. It happens at unexpected moments; when I'm sitting in class, when I'm walking around the BCIT campus, when I'm cooking dinner or doing homework. It's a little silly, because up there I would be freezing and down here I am not. Additionally, there is a plan in place to head in that direction in the near-ish future (read, 8 months maybe?). But the mind will do what it wants, I suppose. Plus, freezing is not all that bad.

On a different note...recall how all of my possessions seem to be mislaid at all times? Well, after this weekend's Vancouver visit I forgot the one thing I really couldn't afford to forget; mainly, my car keys. Poor Kory had to fly to the mail over his lunch break and express post them to his sheepish girlfriend. Other news includes meeting up with an old friend, eating Thai food out of a hollowed-out pineapple, being given free beverages by hungover students, and developing a burgeoning addiction to 5-pin bowling.

The entire family clan is gathered in Fort St. James right now for a fall hunting/fishing trip. They are all suffering from head colds and plan on skulking into the woods this afternoon. Watch out, grouse.