Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You sounded funny there.

Hey you. How's it going? I hope well. On my side of the island, it's been relatively busy up until this moment. Today I'm applying for a bakery clerk job and deciding to go to SOS to find some fine fitting jeans. Also I've been promising myself to seriously start cooking some iranian meals out of this cookbook I keep renewing from the library, but obviously it hasn't happened yet.

Yesterday, as you know- I was in Victoria. We went down for a workshop with this drop-dead amazing marimba lady, and we came out instantly feeling like better marimba players. It was interesting to have a marimba teacher and not just learn everything out of books. Here's what she looks like... http://www.shumbamarimba.org/director.html 

We ended up eating at delicado;s to bug this girl we knew and then headed up to ogden point. Elizabeth and I walked into the setting sun while the others went for a swim. Jeeze.

What else can I tell you... I was working in an office job for a little bit. Medhi called me onto it. I got to work and meet this very interesting and nice lady. Her name was Lynn and she called me her "Star of Morocco". The monies from that is going into a "Going to see Cyrus Fund". Wish me luck.

We also did this silly camping trip a little bit ago, there was caves, we camped on the side of a longing road and I got to meet some new people. Weird but promising concept.

That's about it for now. Take care and let's see each other soon.

Friday, May 24, 2013

wish there was a place where we could rest

Today I got karate chopped in the neck by guess who, after sarcastically telling him to have a great day. M is calling this "too far" and has suggested we exact revenge by putting something funny in the food he gulps by the trough load. To be honest I'm a bit used to being abused in the neck area. My mom has this thing where she pretends to strangle the bejesus out of anyone who is teasing her. Although when she has been drinking her tiny fingers wrap a little tighter. Brett can attest to this discomfort.
This Sunday I have agreed to volunteer for a camera swap thing in Market Square, which will be interesting because I don't actually know a whole lot about cameras But I think the main thing is that I need to represent the photo club, which I can definitely do seeing as I seem to be its only member.Dirk will be there cruising around with his behemoth motion picture camera Dirk is a 40 something year old chemistry major who says he can get me a job at London Drugs (not the worst) and who has given me tutorials on the dark room in the SUB so I can spend hours in the dark and underground, as I like to.
And on Monday and Tuesday nights I am sleeping at work because Marketa is going up island with Caroline to her nude times retreat (naked line dancing IS a real thing, Sedaris didn't just make that shit up) So jacuzzi parties are schedules for above nights, if you want to join up, you'
ve got my number.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Rambling Man

Marketa's 25 year old big black boyfriend has started calling me Copper Top, or just Cop Top. I actually enjoy this nick-name, but the truth is that I'm fairly sure he doesn't know what my real name is. Anyway he calls Marketa M-Dawg so I feel fairly honoured to be renamed after a battery.
Marketa's son has started having loud sex with his girlfriend in their tiny suite,  which is a big change from his shy and boyish youth of a few months ago. He is turning 18 on Monday and is jonesing to get out into the world. I feel like Marketa will begin to feel better about this moving out thing is this sex thing keeps up.
All my news is work related. Moved into the new place, set up my stuff, and now waiting to find my life calling. Which of course will probably not sprout up on Craigslist. I think I'm going to start looking around for volunteer opportunities, and a more permanent job.
I want desperately to travel but at the moment I don't even have enough cash to renew my passport.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Hey guys, how's everything going? I hope you are alllllll enjoying the sun (you especially Laura- I haven't seen you in ages). Over here on my end things are moving slowly. This picture is good example of new AND  old.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

needs more sun.

That's sad that her future husband is not her future husband no more. I hope she'll be alright.
Over here on my end, we're finally moved into my new place. It's nice and new. Except I really don't have a room yet. But we'll see about that in the coming days/weeks.

I'm tired right now. Super tired. I'm currently at the library bumming off internet because the home doesn't have it yet. We arn't that organized.

I'm aslo starving. So hear me world- If you want to bring me food, please do.
Until then, here is a picture of an adorable seal: