Friday, May 24, 2013

wish there was a place where we could rest

Today I got karate chopped in the neck by guess who, after sarcastically telling him to have a great day. M is calling this "too far" and has suggested we exact revenge by putting something funny in the food he gulps by the trough load. To be honest I'm a bit used to being abused in the neck area. My mom has this thing where she pretends to strangle the bejesus out of anyone who is teasing her. Although when she has been drinking her tiny fingers wrap a little tighter. Brett can attest to this discomfort.
This Sunday I have agreed to volunteer for a camera swap thing in Market Square, which will be interesting because I don't actually know a whole lot about cameras But I think the main thing is that I need to represent the photo club, which I can definitely do seeing as I seem to be its only member.Dirk will be there cruising around with his behemoth motion picture camera Dirk is a 40 something year old chemistry major who says he can get me a job at London Drugs (not the worst) and who has given me tutorials on the dark room in the SUB so I can spend hours in the dark and underground, as I like to.
And on Monday and Tuesday nights I am sleeping at work because Marketa is going up island with Caroline to her nude times retreat (naked line dancing IS a real thing, Sedaris didn't just make that shit up) So jacuzzi parties are schedules for above nights, if you want to join up, you'
ve got my number.

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