Tuesday, January 22, 2013

This is beginning to feel like the dawn of the loser forever

Listening to a song by a band called "Adam and Binki." Feel bad for Binki.

Also reading about how Jackson Pollock was the precursor to Happenings because his painting was supposedly more about creating an environment through an action than about actual communication of paint to canvas. Or so said everyone after he died. Little did they know that Pollock painted the way a surgeon operates on the body's most delicate places.

 Today I learned to smile and nod when a Chemistry major tells extensive tales about the chemical components of the chemistry required to develop film, and how it is possible to substitute those components for coffee, concentrated laundry detergent (helps to bake it) and crushed vitamin C tablets.

This here painting is by Andrew Young. I think he may be from Van- have to double check.
This week may be the first in almost a year where I will be showing up to school with a hangover. This depends on how generous LV is feeling in the shot department. Winks.

I'm stuck because she still hasn't sent the e-mail.