Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anchored to the Tide

Thanks for changing the blog back to regular, SC. I had the hopeless feeling that I had inadvertently ended an era by advancing technology beyond my own grasp. But turns out that friends can always help you reign in that great monster.
I have an exam at 7pm tonight. It's ridiculous, but at least I was able to work this morning.

So I have spent the last 2 ish hours lolling in my room, sort of napping because I was out last night drinking bourbon with Sociologists (my happy little fingers wanted to type "Socialists" in there). I'm not hungover or anything, just tired.

New goal in life: have better pall bearers than Pierre Trudeau. He had Fidel Castro, Jimmy Carter, the Aga Khan, and Leonard Cohen. I think that man is amazing for his pure ability to assemble that very group of people in an emotionally directed task.

Either way I have decided to stay in Victoria for this next year, working at the B and B and hopefully getting a desk job at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, which I am applying for (everyone cross your toes). Going to volunteer at the Fifty Fifty Collective, got some prestigious titles on the line themselves.
Goal is to hit up Mexico in November, in time for the Day of the Day, staying long enough to see the butterflies. And then I am applying for grad school. One year plan in the bag, gents.