Monday, November 5, 2012

Was Alright

Just cleaned out my desk. It took all day. I was a little perturbed to uncover that 80% of the productivity crippling clutter was blank pieces of looseleaf.
Want to know something weird? I didn't know what "looseleaf" was until high school. The term I mean. I was aware that there were lined pieces of paper in the world but French Immersion had denied me the proper terminology.


Going to sneak into Cloud Atlas with Marketa in a bit. Real mature, right? Even more illegal activities with my boss.  Afterwards we will eat marinated raw fish and she will continue to pity me for being man-less (like Gunless, but different). Then we will talk about art and invariably become depressed. After a few bottles of sake I will walk home in the dark, lock myself in my room and break into the pre-stashed left over Halloween candy. Funny how the most inspiring conversations also usually make me want to hide under my bed. Robert Hughes would have known what I mean.