Wednesday, February 26, 2014

need more green veggies.

At this current moment in time, my eyes are watering. I think I'm coming down with a little cold and I'm just trying to keep at it, and be this happy/healthy being. Wish me luck.

I started that new retail job a little bit ago. I think I had my third shift this week, and already they want me to leave me alone on Monday. I have buckets of insecurities following me now, considering I haven't even used the cash register yet. But the women who work at this job are completely nice and adorable. Louise is an asian woman who is all hugs, and Veronica is this scottish gal, who just easily impresses me with her accent.

I brought myself 100 grams of chorizo today. It was delicious.
Also emma, I sent nicolle a picture of you and myles. Also I sent her a picture of tyson and deimena . Updating on couples. Hope you don't hate me (ha, like you would).

Also I heard a hilarious way of saying someones going poo - "She's dropping the kids off at the pool".

Monday, February 3, 2014

My Brain's A Cliff And My Heart's The Bitter Buffalo

Well I participated in some more delinquent activities this weekend.
Loot obtained includes: two golf clubs, one pint class, one pencil, handful of pine needles in my pocket.
Kits is out of bounds for at least a year now.

Definitely avoiding doing laundry right now in order to be frustrated by the uselessness of the internet.
And well.

Turns out Daniel's (not a spelling mistake; unfortunate new nickname) friend Melany sits next to Carm in sign-language school everyday. Talk about smallest world in the world.

My cousin Dev, who is half Indian (yes East-Indian, not racist's Indian),  is getting married in April. In California. I wondering how much tradition will be brought into the half-Indian wedding. A very large part of me wants to road-trip down there for the festivities. Even if I've never actually met him. I can't see myself getting turned away though. And now I know a guy with a car...