Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lumps to date- None.

What's up bums?

I've been listening to the same songs over and over tonight. It's just one of those nights. I also made some really good roasted potatoes (a la Jamie Oliver) and I'm left here with chapped lips. And the lame part is that they arn't even from kissing too much, it's just a sickness natalie gave to me saturday night at a marimba gig (isn't the information I told you SHOCKING).

Funny thing I had this dream a couple nights ago about seeing carter in a shop with his new girlfriend, and I was imaging how she looked. It ended up with her being a everyday-brown-haired-girl. The shop was an italian pizza place and I guess I was heading off to you, because I went up to him and said hi and the usual connection of conversation happened, which led to me just saying "I'm going to see fire-crotch. I know you know who that is." And he gave me the most confusing eyes, and I just left. I woke up laughing. I wonder if I can kick start that situation in real life. Ultimate forced deja-vu.

A couple days ago it was suppose to snow, obviously it didn't and I'm a bit bummed out. I talked to Janina today, which was nice. Em, you should talk to her more. She's trying to change and go to school in london now! Also, why doesn't tyson has facebook anymore? Tell him I said hi. I didn't pay my phone this month and I'm without checking up on people.

I'm in the midst of writing christmas cards, and I got extra sparkly ones this year. Hopefully you like them, I've been in a letter writing mood. The problem arises afterwards where i just don't end up sending them. I've probably wrote 3 to you in the last week or at least started three, and they are just sitting there. It's depressing, among other things. I need hot chocolate and a hug.

Here's the songs I was talking about-


I don't know why I've been listening to them, and it annoys me that some bits are super tehcnoey dance-club, but they are there.

Be safe and take care,

Also, before I forget, I think the following would be a perfect scene for a movie. Follow me.

You have this bearded man who owns a rock and roll pub. On Monday nights he rents it out to 3 classes of tango goers. They are all middle age women who desperately need excitement in their lives and try to live it by cheating on their love ones.There is a rumor that they even remove their wedding rings before entering the classes. The pub owners one goal is to be their next sexual disaster.  I imagine theses women to be very done up, to the point of how flamenco dancers look.