Saturday, December 29, 2012


I'm in coquitlam right now. It's always grey and i'm impressed with how much I've been eating. I'm always full. I feel bad though that while c-man kurosh was visiting me, I didn't nearly feed him a fraction of the meal, upon meal we're eating. I have to up the ante next time.

While here so far though, I've had Korean food, seen his old local landmarks, met two of his friends.. gotten to know his mom really well, went to Ikea and has meatballs and elderflower cupcakes aaaaand wishes I were rich to buy everything at Ikea. It's huge.

How's the days leading up the new year?

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The True Price of a Banana


This is a woman (believe it or not), and her name is Haki. She is known as a "sworn virgin," a woman who has chosen to live her life as a man and is accorded all of the rights and responsibilities of her male counterparts. Apparently, if a male head of household died in a blood feud in Albania and there was no one to take his place, these woman would fill the void (although they had to take a vow of chastity). Only then would their families be welcomed back into acceptable society. It was also a way for women to 'escape' rigid social structures.

The world we live in can be odd and puzzling.

I'm eating Christmas cookies + drinking tea. My family had a huge argument over dinner about whether the world was fucked up beyond saving. It was oddly distressing. I am lethargic and listless.
Sarah, how was the visit from C?    

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I love iranian (cuban) men!!!!!!

Does the guy who got the free property from the dean look like this? (This is what happens when you google iranian men)

It's early and I'm actually in town right now using internet from an establishment. I thought I should be walking more, and I had to walk into town to pick up a package. I'm excited to see who it's from.

I also just informed the troop I belong to that I can't go to level tonight to play marimba (We won't be getting there until 10..30). Seeing I have to be up stupidly early tomorrow morning. Like really early. I'm not too broken hearted. I don't like clubs. They make me feel uncomfortable. Tip of the trade : Don't ever make me a surprise party at a club. I'll hate you.

That's about it. Quick update of the day!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Never mind the sex, professor

The reason I like Christmas shopping so much probably has to do with the feeling of elation that bubbles up upon completion  of what was supposed to be the best paper I've ever written. Certainly was the most bitter.  16 pages about how the Group of Seven ruined everything for Canadian artists.
Anyway now that I'm a Free Bird, more or less, I literally have no motivation to do anything beside wander. Could be worse.

Other than that I'm supposed to be writing a nativity pageant that's going up in el living room this Sunday. Spoiler: Mary runs off with a biker hunk at the end. I need to figure out costumes etc. again as this is a shadow event. Laura, mind bringing a bunch of scarves again?
I'm slightly terrified that someone is going to be offended.

Also Laura.was the Marxist advice from your friend with the glasses? Can't remember his name at all right now, the one who came to Coast Modern with us? Every time someone says "Marxist" I think of him.

Playlist for December: from the Line of Best Fit a carol compilation from all Canadian chanteuse... see what I  did there? Ho!Ho!Ho! Canada 4

Monday, December 10, 2012

Be sure to eat your broccoli and study your Marxist theory

Hey there girlies. My staunchly Republic cousin has been posting bizarre shit on Facebook for months, most of it pro-Tea Party and some of it slightly offensive. I am being prudent in not replying to any of his jabs for fear of starting a family feud. Therefore, I thought it hilarious to present a photo of this now rather outdated timepiece, which makes me feel a lot better secure in the knowledge that the people who wasted their money on this were likely radical Republicans whose biggest fear is WEED! WEED AND GAY MARRIAGE EVERYWHERE!

Yesterday I was in the library coffee shop for a short while and a fellow from my Iranian history class stopped to chat. He is a nice enough guy, but very aware of his time spent in the working world and is accordingly critical about the student lifestyle. Overly much so, if you ask me, which no one has. Anyway, he was talking about his friendship with the former dean of UVic, who is apparently a world-leading microbiologist and gave him a house on Saltspring. Whaaaa! Anytime someone feels like throwing some prime real estate my way, I'm ready for it.

Woke up to an orange tabby cat peering through my window this morning. It gave me quite a start, but the glass is still intact.

It's the tenth of December already! Sarah, have fun with your maaaaannnnn when he arrives. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

be safe and take care!

I've been enjoying the goodlife lately. Kindof stressful, but all possible. C-man Kurosh is here! on the 20th! When's the sabo's Christmas party again? I hope it's not the 20th. Because I'm busy with another engagement on the 20th. Text me the deets. Or not. It's not like I'm waiting for your fingers to send me messages through a telephone.

I've been wishing alot it would snow too. It felt this morning like it could. My room has been decked out with Christmas lights, white flowery snowflakes, and rainbow snowflakes. I've also been researching Ukrainian Christmas eve meals ( it's a 12 course event, vegetarian, but with fish..) The art above showcases the meal in the happening.

The picture is pretty beautiful Mortimer. Good job!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Giving To You the Words Of The Old Man

last night, after a few too many reaches into the top-cupboard where the wine is safest from Tyson's No-Boundaries-Polish-Roommate, we all got on bikes and rode up Mt. Tolmie.

What says "End of Term Celebration" like a drunken bicycle ride up a mountain. Strangely not the first time this has happened.

The first time this happened there was a meteor shower on and it was both summer and sober-er. We all fell asleep lying in the parking lot at the top.

This time it was drizzling and all the lights below were a blur. And on the way down one of us fish-tailed and skidded on his face for a few feet, chipping a tooth. I can't remember if he was wearing a helmet. It wasn't anyone you know Sarah C.

I feel like this whole event happened in an after school special with ominous music with the introduction of each bad choice, starting with the glass of wine I drank in the shower, ending with waking up on Tyson's couch with my contacts searing holes through my eyeballs. Not to mention the size of these bruises.

Painted something nice today while rehydrating. I got one of those canvas pads after all. They are rad. Except that when you paint over the edges the pages all stick together.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hey Emma/Laura, What's up?

I painted my room today. Not done yet! I'm painting the ceiling tomorrow.
I made a brownie in a mug today! well tonight.
I'm honestly dying right now and I'm grateful to have this bed I'm laying in right now.

C-Man Kurosh is out in 15 days. Oh maaaaannn