Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Never mind the sex, professor

The reason I like Christmas shopping so much probably has to do with the feeling of elation that bubbles up upon completion  of what was supposed to be the best paper I've ever written. Certainly was the most bitter.  16 pages about how the Group of Seven ruined everything for Canadian artists.
Anyway now that I'm a Free Bird, more or less, I literally have no motivation to do anything beside wander. Could be worse.

Other than that I'm supposed to be writing a nativity pageant that's going up in el living room this Sunday. Spoiler: Mary runs off with a biker hunk at the end. I need to figure out costumes etc. again as this is a shadow event. Laura, mind bringing a bunch of scarves again?
I'm slightly terrified that someone is going to be offended.

Also Laura.was the Marxist advice from your friend with the glasses? Can't remember his name at all right now, the one who came to Coast Modern with us? Every time someone says "Marxist" I think of him.

Playlist for December: from the Line of Best Fit a carol compilation from all Canadian chanteuse... see what I  did there? Ho!Ho!Ho! Canada 4

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